EngazeWell is all about creating a high-performance team through measurable Employee Engagement. Hence, the immediate and obvious question is how do we improve this?

I am a firm believer in Kaizen. While we shall be happy with what has been achieved so far, we shall not get stuck.Today, we shall definitely look for improvement over yesterday. We shall always look for the continuous improvement.

With Kaizen philosophy being the influencer, I strongly believe that the following steps would be helpful in improving the overall engagement:

  1. Create a company culture that promotes employee engagement
  2. Find employees that are more likely to be engaged
  3. Ensure the engagement is explicitly linked with
    1. the company purpose and
    2. the individual’s ambitions
  4. Keep them engaged throughout the life-cycle
    1. manage expectations
    2. provide timely actionable feedback
    3. measure outcomes
  5. Celebrate Success
  6. Improve the engagement process
  7. Include more employee into your engagement strategy
  8. Repeat

The following diagram depicts the steps explained above

Improving Employee Engagement

The fact about engagement is that it is infectious. Once you have the right level of engagement in place, I am sure others waiting on the sidelines will be keen to join them. Some of the folks will join proactively and for others, the people responsible for driving engagement will need to take proactive action.


One thing must be considered that the goal of the company is not to somehow create some engagement. Everyone has certain tasks that they need perform to meet the day-to-day work commitment. Hence, any talk about Engagement and related measurement must be very implicit.

Alok Ranjan

Alok is co-founder of Walking Tree Technologies Private Limited. He is determined to help companies build a high-performance team. For more details about Alok, please visit below URL: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alok-ranjan-b36a103

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