Employees feel most engaged when their contributions are recognized and rewarded. Our philosophy of Karma makes it easier to quantitatively measure and reward the engagement.

Know your high performers!
Share an update and discuss an idea
Know more through engagement timeline!
Appreciate and share feedback when it really matters!


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Engagement Goals and respective Measurement criteria

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Engage Appreciate and Share Feedback Precisely and Timely

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Reap the benefit of good Karma!


Reduce Employee Turnover

See how well your employees are engaged and identify turnover risks

Manage your work

Use simple and effective tools like To Do and Project Dashboard to manage work

Reward Creativity

A perfect platform for employees to share their ideas and creativity at work

Enhance Employee Performance

Allow employees to monitor their performance and see their efforts earn them rewards

Build Your Culture

Identify your culture mantra and link it with your employee goals and see them being achieved


No more closed door meetings to review performance.


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What is Karma?

Karma is the quantitative measure of the effort, quality and attitude displayed by an employee towards achieving aligned goals. For example the quality of blogs written, the customer feedback, the deals cracked, etc result into certain measurable Karma for your employee

How does Karma work?

Every goal has a tangible outcome expected. Karma is the measure of that outcome, For example, generating new business through blogs, customer feedback, an awesome sales pitch. All this adds value to your organization and Karma is how you want to reward it!

How do I know that an employee is doing poor, average, good, very good or awesome?

Before you identify the goals and assigned Karma to measure the engagement, you need to ascertain what is the minimum expected outcome for each goal. This will be your average engagement level expected from an employee and will act as a benchmark to define what will be above average (very good) or awesome

What are Reward Points?

When your employee earns Karma, he/she also earns reward points. While the Karma is an indicator of their performance, Reward Points are the tangible reward that they can earn and spend for their own benefit. The value of reward can be decided based on your organization’s budget for rewarding employees who have been consistent in their delivery